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How we work?

We believe that adults want to learn and can improve themselves.

We believe that everyone can be more effective in their actions.

We believe that no one is a natural-born leader but you can become one and Van Dahlen Group facilitates and advances this process.

We work on three levels

Poziom 1

Level of knowledge

Do I know as much as I should know?

Poziom 2

Level of skills

To what extent can I put into practice what I already know?

Poziom 3

Level of attitude

What is my attitude towards actions

Stages of a training project

Learning through experience is the most effective and long-lasting method of learning, which is naturally practised by all of us at different stages of our lives.

Training methods used during trainings

We believe in learning trough experience as the most effective training method – it is based on the full cycle of learning process of adults, described by David Kolb. Based on this cycle, we invite participants to go through the following phases of the learning process: