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Miniporadnik dla rodziców - wpis na blogu VDG

Step by step guide for parents trying HARD to work from home now (and experiencing that it’s HARDLY working):

Yesterday I was a mum of two (7 and 2,5) and a professional very often working from home. My kids were happily being cute and naughty somewhere else between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m ...
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Foch - wpis na blogu VDG

Hissy Fits

It’s a lovely spring morning, the sun is shining, birds are singing, it’s Friday and you’re feeling great. You go to work, greet everyone and smile. Only Katie didn’t say anything ...
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Różnice kulturowe - wpis na blogu VDG

Things you didn’t know about cultural differences: deep layers of culture.

Imagine that you, as an employee who stands out from the crowd, were invited to a new and interesting project for Jim, a client from the US ...
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Trudny klient - wpis na blogu VDG

A difficult customer? Nothing you can’t handle!

Are you so stupid just because you’re stupid or because you’re a woman?” I once heard from one of my customers. Yes, we all get them, the “difficult” ones ...
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Indie - wpis na blogu VDG


They say they’ll send it and they don’t? They nod they understand but it later turns out they actually didn’t? And they also ask how your weekend was or if your parents are well at the very moment when all you can think about are targets and deadlines? ...
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