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Online offer

Develop competences and acquire new skills remotely. Discover our range of remote trainings for you and your team.

Szkolenia Online

Team Leader's Web@academy

Does your team find themself working from different locations all over the country or the world? Do your employees work a lot remotely?

If you want to support and develop your leadership team, but stationary training is difficult or impossible for you, we have the perfect solution for you!

Team Leader’s Web@cademy is a comprehensive program that prepares you for more effective and more conscious role of leader / manager, implemented 100% remotely.

Team Leader's Web@academy program

  • Module 1: Leadership
  • Module 2: Motivating
  • Module 3: Change management
  • Module 4: Managing yourself and employees in time
  • Module 5: Remote management and delegation

Summary sessions – MASTERMIND 1

  • Module 6: Effective communication as a leader
  • Module 7: Assertiveness of the leader
  • Module 8: Intercultural competences
  • Module 9: Conflict Management
  • Module 10: Building effective cooperation and leadership mediation

Summary sessions – MASTERMIND 2


  • Substantive modules last 3 hours and are the most practical “pill” of the most important knowledge and tools
  • Each module is preceded by a pre-work task designed by trainers and completed with a practical implementation task with individual feedback from trainers
  • Additionally, in the middle and at the end of Web@cademy, participants have the opportunity to work on their challenges and difficult cases in a practical way during the mastermind sessions

Training offer


The aim of the training is to not only to draw the participant’s attention to existing cultural differences but also to furnish them with specific tools for building mutual understanding, agreement and partnership in spite of the existing differences. The participants will gain an indispensable knowledge related to cultural differences in practice (patterns of communication, assertiveness, respect and business savoir-vivre, depending on the cultural circle). They will also get to know how to build mutual respect and trust, despite the differences, especially when the relations are characterised by lack of direct communication (i.e. take place in the virtual environment).

After completing the training the participants:

  • Know the communication patterns of the „high context” and „low context” cultures and can apply the knowledge in practice
  • Can avoid unnecessary communication barriers resulting from cultural differences
  • Can be more effective in formulating requests and expectations towards partners coming from different cultural backgrounds
  • Understand the difference in the concept of assertiveness in Polish culture and other cultures (i.e. where submissiveness and aggression end and assertiveness starts)


The training aims at making communication and cooperation with clients and co-workers from India more effective. The focus will be placed on in-depth understanding of the differences in the communication patterns of the ‘West” and the “East” and on the most common misunderstandings occurring in the communication with Indians (e.g. communicating ‘yes’ and ‘no’, conveying bad news and giving negative feedback). Participants will be also familiarised with the cultural background and practical implications of cultural differences in the management styles, as well as with the potential challenges arising from the differences, both in the context of face-to-face meetings and virtual contacts.

After completing the training the participants:

  • Understand the culturally conditioned reasons of most frequent misunderstandings in the communication with Indians
  • Know practical guidelines how to avoid misunderstandings and barriers in the communication with Indians (how to properly read the messages received, how to effectively formulate one’s requests etc.)
  • Understand cultural differences in management styles and the patterns of senior – subordinate relations (what’s the Indian meaning of empowerment, pro activeness, ingratiation etc.)

Individual consultations

Do you or your employees need more individual support in development and in facing the challenges of everyday work?

We invite you to take advantage of individual coaching, mentoring and / or consulting sessions with our experts. Our many years of experience show that individual sessions can be successfully carried out in online, stationary or combined form. Our trainers will flexibly adapt to the situation and your needs.


Webinars prepared by a team of VDG experts are online classes designed for leaders, managers, but also employees trying to find themselves in the new realities. Stress, crisis, remote work – these are the challenges that we help to deal with by presenting effective tools and techniques.

webinary online

1. Managing (R)emotely for (R)esults and (R)elations

The webinar has been designed for Leaders/Managers wishing to enhance and develop remote team management techniques and skills for the teams to deliver
their best even if they don’t see each other face to face.

webinary online

2. Leading my team through change and crisis

The main goal of the training is to make participants aware what are the phases of people’s reactions to the change, as well as what kind of actions a leader can and should undertake while facing difficult and crisis situations in order to lead the team through a change in an effective way.

webinary online

3. Seven principles of an efficient work from home

During the webinar participants not only get to know useful techniques of increasing personal efficiency but also tools for managing their auto motivation, as it might be a challenge with a prolonged period of work from home.

webinary online

4. Stress management in times of change and uncertainty

Stress caused by changes in life-situation and concerns about health of close relatives will have its toll on employees’ condition. The aim of this webinar is to support participants in coping with inevitable tensions.